Marriage and family is the discipleship workshop. It is the place where God starts training us to follow Christ. If we fail here then we do not have a message to give to others. If we succeed here it is only by the grace of God. I failed. Yes, my first marriage ended in shame and rebellion, but God in His mercy and grace held on to me. His goodness led me to repentance and in His kindness, He restored me like the Prodigal Son.

My ministry comes out of this deep gratitude to Christ and the sacrifice at the Cross He gave to restore the brokenness of my life. Now I understand my obedience to Him begins each day in my home. I am called to love my wife as Christ loved the church anything less is rebellion and sin. The Disciplewkshop Blog is written as a way to encourage others with hope and help in their marriage and family relationships. I have personally experienced that hope and help as I have been joyfully married to Eunice for over 25 years. God in His mercy has restored my relationships with my two Children Ryan DeSiato and Jill DiLoreti.

I know the Bible is the Word of God. I know that only through belief in God’s Son, Jesus Christ, one may obtain eternal salvation. I also know that unless a person is willing to surrender to God’s Word in their family relationships they are living in a fantasy. I know God uses marriage to transform us to be more like Christ. God gave the gift of marriage for men and women to experience the greatest level of communion and fellowship with each other and with God. That communion only comes as we daily worship Jesus Christ and engage God through His Word by the Holy Spirit. I trust as you read my articles you are drawn to think, walk and live in continual repentance to the gracious love of God revealed in Jesus Christ.


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