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Have you ever just asked?


Eunice in London, 2018

Most of you know me as Pastor Neil, a guy who loves God and His Son Jesus Christ. There was a time when I didn’t. I believed in God like most people. He was the creator, some universal good or love that I prayed to when I needed help. Sometimes, my prayers even seemed to get answered. Yet for the most part, I was an American atheist, just out for my own way. Oh, I was a good guy. Most of you would have thought I was pretty good. But when it came to who Jesus was, I was certain he was not God. Good, yes, a great teacher, yes, an amazing man, certainly…

but was he God? No way could Jesus be God.

I distinctly remember a friend’s Father showing me from the Bible how God was Spirit, so no one could be God. Jesus was just a great man. Then one day, not sure why, I asked God if Jesus Christ was His Son. God, is Jesus your son? Is He, God come in the flesh?


London, 2018


Looking back now, I cannot remember the complete process of my transformation from doubt to faith, but it was not because I was taught by anyone. I did pray and I did ask God to forgive me of my sins. I did confess that Jesus saved me. Then it all changed. The light came on and a knowing replaced the unbelief I had had for years. Yes, it was an overnight change; not one that I controlled or needed anyone to explain. I just knew He, Jesus Christ, was God.

All I did was ask, “God is Jesus your son?” Have you ever asked…sincerely wanting to know if the Baby born of Mary was the Son of the Most High God? I pray you will.