Proverbs 2:1-5 Getting Your Boots on for the Journey

Boots on 2Meditation Journey Week 2

Hi Friend,  This will be a slow paced and a focused journey with the Holy Spirit into His Word. More like a Mr. Roger’s pace than the usual speed of a TV commercial.  Our purpose is to glorify Jesus Christ and grow in fruitfulness to honor our Heavenly Father.

He made it clear that we need His spiritual food each day just like we need natural food. Most Christians are starving themselves spiritually and are living in a defeated discouraged religious mindset. Yet Jesus offers abundant life that is available to all God’s children that will abide in Him and His Word. Your desire to receive these blogs reveals you have made a clear choice to become more like Christ. Yet so few understand the process and so do not cooperate with the Holy Spirit to allow spiritual fruit to be matured in their life.

As we put our boots on for the journey ahead; please keep these thoughts in mind:

  1. It will be slow paced because we are branches that grow organically, trees that need to develop roots. Not race cars that can slap on new wheels.
  2. We will stay focused on whole passages of God’s Word for much longer time than you may think is necessary. Plants need time to grow in the same soil. Seeds need time to take root. We will feast not snack on God’s Word. This will give our spiritual digestive track time to absorb His life into ours. So do not be surprised if I repeat ideas, concepts and processes.
  3. This will have little effect in your life if you do not begin to memorize and ponder God’s Word in humble submission to the Holy Spirit.

Today we begin to look at the first two words of Proverbs 2.

“My Son”

He calls us His child, my son… my daughter.

Do you hear a calm voice calling to your heart? It is your Father in Heaven. He is not like your earthly father. He has known you before you were born and has been with you every moment of your life. He will and has been always there with you, holding you, guiding you and keeping you. To say He loves you is silly. His concern and care is beyond any concept of our idea of love. He is your Creator, Sustainer and the Image of who you will become. His character is embodied through the life, actions and words of Jesus Christ. All His choices and actions towards you, all that He has allowed and restricted from your life is to make and mature you to be like His Son. He is to fitting you for an eternal life with Him.

His call today is towards that end.

Have you accepted the reality of His Fatherhood in your life? Have you humbled your being to Him to open your heart and soul as a dependent child to His Spirit? This is not a one time or occasional choice or experience. It is the continual life time attitude of a child of God to The Father. We cannot come to Him and abide in Him any other way then the path of continual humility. The lack of humility is the first great hindrance to all spiritual growth.

Observation: It is a personal communication between a Father and a Child (son). Our Father is very concerned that we each grow spiritually.

Interpretation: He has a personal relationship with you as though you are an only Child. His full attention is on you and He calls for your full attention on Him in a broken and humble attitude.

Application: I need to ponder on how I consider Father God. Do I accept that all His actions have been designed for my good and His glory? Am I walking daily, continually and intentionally with a dependent attitude toward Him and His Abiding Spirit?

What is your take away?


Thanks for listening. I hope you will pray for me and all the others that are on this journey. You may also want to send me comments, suggestions or questions. I promise will respond to each inquiry.


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