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Meditation Journey Day 23

Hi Friend,

We need to pause for a moment on our Journey to remember that this passage, Proverbs 2:1-5, is basic instructions in learning to meditate or abide in Christ. Our meditative journey through Proverbs 2 is finished for now. I am sure there is much more to learn from this passage, but I will leave that to the Holy Spirit to accomplish in your life.

DiggerI trust you have gained several tools for your spiritual toolbox from Proverbs 2:1-5. Depending on the metaphor you choose these may be mining tools that you will use to dig into the to seek His precious gold and silver. They may also be gardening tools to break up the hardness of your heart so that the precious seed of life can be planted and tended to produce an abundant harvest. Either way, when we humbly use these tools to seek Him, we are properly reverencing the Lord and walking in the “fear of God”.

However you think of these verbs: receive … store/hide … incline/turn… apply … call out … cry aloud … seek/look for … search I trust Proverbs 2:1-5 becomes a continual companion to remind your heart what it actually takes to dig into God’s word.

Ps 139The next passage we will explore is Psalm 139. This very personal Psalm is a transformational Word in my life. It was the first portion of scripture I meditated through, and it continues to be a rich mine of precious truth to me. In 1974, when I began to memorize and meditate on it, I never dreamed it would have so much impact on my life. I am amazed I am still regularly reciting it now over 40 years later. I pray that you too will experience the sweetness of God’s word and began to engraft a passage of scripture into your soul.

Perhaps Psalm 139 will touch you deeply too. I pray it may one day produce an eternal spring of life giving nourishment in your heart.

Observation: We are finished with our meditative journey through Proverbs 2:1-5. The next passage will be Psalm 139.

Interpretation: Please continue to view the verbs in Proverbs 2:1-5 (receive … store/hide … incline/turn… apply … call out … cry aloud … seek/look for … search …) as tools that you will use from this time on in your life.

Application Prayer: Father, thank you again for the privilege of engrafting Your nature into my life by learning to meditate on Your word. Please empower me by You Spirit to seek you daily. Thank You… in Jesus Name, Amen.

What is your take away?

As we begin to journey through Psalm 139 please continue to pray for the people receiving these meditative instructions.


2 thoughts on “pause for a moment

  1. viviansazama

    Thank you for the word picture of mining tools to dig for nuggets of gold and silver out of the Word of God. Or gardening tools breaking up the hardness of our hearts. Spending this past week in old gold mining country of AZ and also the last few days in the gambling town of Laughlin, NV, both of the metaphors are right on for me. (BTW, I don’t gamble!) The Parker,AZ/CA area is home to descendants of the old gold mine burros who are free to roam wild. These gentle beasts reminded me of the colt Jesus road into Jerusalem on. The cross on their backs are witnesses of what He endured shortly after and brings a depth of meaning of why He chose such a humble and gentle beast. My daughter had a burro for years that she named Molly. She rode Molly in the local parade and brought smiles to the spectators. Molly was the nanny to the new horse foals and had a unique relationship with the mare and other animals.
    People watching at Laughlin’s casinos, which to me feels like a form of hell on earth, I see people who are looking for meaning to their lives; trying to fill the God-shaped vacuum within that only a personal relationship with Jesus Christ can fill. I am praying for opportunities to share the love of Christ and maybe give a tool, a hoe or spade, to help begin to break up the hard soil.
    By the way, praise God that Ted Cruz gave all glory to God in his victory in Iowa last night! There is hope for our nation yet.


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